INTRODUCTION: Zoology (pronouncing "zo" as in "zone,") is a branch of biology that focuses on the study of animals. Within this branch, people may also specialize and study certain forms of animals. For example a person working in zoology might study fish biology and work as an ichthyologist. Alternately, a zoologist could specialize in the study of mammals and be called a mammalogist.

The discipline of zoology dates to the Ancient Greeks. In fact our primary system of classifying animals is largely based on Aristotle’s work, though he made numerous classification errors. Early zoologists who followed Aristotle include many unknown collectors of animals who attempted to understand animals, or who were merely fascinated by the animal kingdom.
Modern zoology arrived with the invention of the microscope, but it would be a mistake to leave out the extremely important contributions of Charles Darwin. With Darwin’s theory of evolution, understanding the relationship between humans and animals increased and further spurred interest in animals because humans were thought by some to have descended from them. As Darwin’s theory gained acceptance, humans became part of the animal kingdom in a way that was both inclusive and humbling.
The Zoology department of Ramjaipal College, chapra was established in 1971.