NSS (National Service Scheme)

The NSS Unit of Ram Jaipal College is committed to the cause of social upliftment and education and in this pursuit several small and big initiatives have been taken up from time to time.The college has one NSS units and it enrolled 130 students this year. A village in the neighbourhood is adopted by NSS for its activity. Under NSS programme the College regularly organizes Blood Donation Camps with the help of Civil Hospital, Chapra. The NSS programme regularly organizes camps in the nearby villages, the purpose being to inculcate a sense of dignity of labour and fraternity among the students and to sensitize the villagers to clean and green India. Our NSS volunteers also take part in tree plantation drive from time to time. Girls also actively participate in these camps.

These camps also keep our campus and surrounding localities clean, green and hygienic. During these camps lectures are given on topics like moral education, human rights, women empowerment and environment also.